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The frequently asked questions on water leak detection include the following;

What leads to water leakage?

Water leakage occurs due to many factors which contribute to the leaking. Some main causes of water leakage include; corrosion, increase water pressure, poor installations break led by accidents like drilling, poor soil conditions, and deterioration of your Orange County plumbing systems.

What amount of water can I lose in a water leak?

The amount of water leaking will vary depending on the size of the pipe, the pressure under which the water is subjected and the size of the break. The higher the size of the break, pipe and increased pressure will lead to increased amounts of water loss which might lead to increased water bills.

Do I know if I have a water leak by myself and how can I detect instances of the water leak?

Yes, you can detect a water leak by yourself without necessarily having a plumbing expert. Nevertheless, at some points, you may need the expert where the leak detection is difficult. Below are some ways in which you can detect a water leak;

  •  Increase in water usage through increased water bills than your usual usage.
  • Meter reading positive usage of water while all water devices are turned off.
  • Cracks on your walls and floors.
  • A decrease in the water pressure in the flow of your water devices like taps.
  • Wet and moldy floors in your concrete building.
  • Changes in water purity including dirt in water would mean that there is a water leak.

What are the ways used in locating the specific area of a leak by the plumbing company?

Different methods can be used in locating a leak and a break in the plumbing system. Current methods are used with the latest technology used to avoid many expenses related with the traditional methods, which focused on the trial and error basis. This latter consume more time as well as cause damage to property. Some current methods used by the plumbing company include; noise correlators, helium detection pressure testing, video detection and use of infrared heat detection. These methods provide accurate areas for the leak detection.

What will be the costs of locating a leak?

There are differences in the rates used in the location of a leak which will be based on the location, length, residential or even commercial locating of the leak. Contacting the plumbing company will give you the estimate which you require.

Is there information necessary for the location of a water leak?

Yes, you need some information for a successful specific location. The plumbing company will take some information before locating the leak such as the location of the plumbing system, the types of pipes used, the diameter of the pipe, and any other necessary information for use.

Will the plumbing company repair the leak?

Some plumbing company offers leak repairing but they really don’t have that service. What they do is redirect you a to reputable and licensed plumbing contractors you are sure to receive high-quality services from.

What can distract water leak detection?

Water leak detection can be distracted by many issues that could interfere with water flow. The main cause of distraction would be led by the presence of noise that lead to the changes in water vibrations. In addition, distraction might be caused by use of water in time of detection.

What is the best method I can use to detect water leak by myself?

The best method to detect a water leak on your own would be checking up your water meter. Turn off all water appliances and then check whether the water meter is reading a positive water usage. If the meter keeps reading that there is water flow while you have all your water devices turned off, definitely there is a water leak.

What do I expect if I don’t fix the water leak now?

The leak will lead to more damage than you would think of.  Ensure you repair the water leak as soon as possible to ensure no more damage occurs. In addition, water bills will always rise as unused water reads from the meter.

What if I had a previous repair and still there is water leak detection?

If you had done repair previously and noticed water leak detection, please consider re-piping as the plumbing system would be vulnerable of having other future water leaks as it would have been completely corroded.

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